„Analogfilm ist das Vinyl der Fotografie“

Andreas Krauss

Photographer / Photo Editor / PixelPirate

loc.: *Laniakea | time: *Kairos | spirit: *Heyoka | word: *Mni Wiconi


As a freelance photo journalist for various magazines and photo director for People-Magazine Germany, I have seen endless floods and billions of news and entertainment pictures over the past years.

Within that time I somehow lost my own „Bildsprache“ (germ. for: picture language) and didn´t take too many pictures for clients or even myself anymore.

After reviewing my archive in order to get back to my own photographs, I decided to digitally remaster some of my pictures I took within the last 15 years and put them together in some kind of autobiography:


Fuck everything and become a Pixel-Pirate (again)!